The Sfera Brazilian Keratin Blowout

Introducing a kinder Brazilian Keratin Blowout, for softer, smoother, frizz-free hair.

keratin blowout  Salon Quality Results
  Formaldehyde Free Formula
  Safe and Easy to Use

The most advanced Keratin Blowout in Brazil is now avalable in United States.

Never have a bad hair day ever again!

Direct from the country that pioneered the original Keratin Blowout, Sfera Progressiva offers a new and improved way to tame your frizzy hair forever. Unwanted curls become a thing of the past with Sfera Progressiva. Now you can have ‘wash and go’ hair, that’s naturally straight and positively glows with health and vitality.

Very easy to apply, expect your hair to be completely frizz-free for up to three months, after a single application, leaving you free to enjoy hair that requires minimal styling, and always looks natrurally fabulous.

How does the Sfera Keratin Blowout work?

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Sfera have taken a traditional Brazilian straightening formula and, with the addition of aminio acids including Cysteine, improved the conditioning effect of the treatment.

The result is hair that’s not just straight and free from frizz, it also shines with health and has a glossy, silky finish.

Sfera Keratin straightening is quick and easy to apply. Expect the treatment to take about an hour from start to finish, even on the longest, thickest hair.

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